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My Story

Hungry for culinary experiences I began my journey in the catering industry aged 17.

I started as an apprentice and slowly worked my way up through the ranks in various restaurant kitchens in The Netherlands. 

After gaining enough experience I felt confident enough to make a move abroad. After ending up in Great Britain I joined the teams of some of the finest restaurants and got my first taste of naturally fermented sourdough bread at Sally Clarke's in London. I've been hooked ever since. I bought La Brea Bakery Cookbook and following the steps in the book I made my first sourdough starter. The rest is history. I started baking and by trail and error I learnt how to make some pretty decent loaves. 

Now, some 18 years later, my initial sourdough starter is still going strong and I am working on making a living out of my passion. 

I feel ready to share my passion with you and invite you to discover this beautiful artisan bread. 


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