Where would we be without partners? 

As a small business it is vital to work together with other likeminded people. By supporting each other we extend our networks and we achieve so much more. Like this we can make the world a little bit better every day. 

I'm happy to work together with the following businesses: 

Farm Of The World

Claudy Jongstra and Claudia Busson

Farm Of The World is a cultural project, initiated by artist Claudy Jongstra for Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture 2018. 

With this project Claudy is looking to raise public awareness about sustainability, where our food comes from and a circular economy. 

Grainmill 'De Leeuw'

Tonny Moes

Tonny Moes is a craftsman pur sang. From a young age he milled grain at 'De Star Mill' in Balkbrug. Later on he moved to Lettele, near Deventer where he refurbished Grainmill 'De Leeuw' and started milling here. 

Connected to the Artisan Grainmill Gild and certified Organic, The Lion is the main supplier of the flours I use for my bread. It doesn't get much better to have the bakery right next to the mill and to be able to trace the products I work with right back to the farmers who have grown it. On the friday afternoon you can buy my bread in the shop at the mill. 

Grainmill 'De Vlijt'

Bart en Michelle Mols

Bart Mols is another passionate craftsman who is milling mainly locally and organically grown grains. Certified Organic 'De Vlijt' is another supplier of some of the flours I work with. 

Uw Stadsboer

Family Sluiter and Family Verboom

Grandmother and Grandfather Sluiter already used to sell vegetables and other produce from their farm nearby Zwolle. 

The next generation wants to carry on with this tradition in their own modern way. 

Conscious living starts by connecting to nature and to each other and with knowledge about living organically. 

Uw Stadsboer is a pick up point for my bread on the friday. 

Hotel Restaurant De Barones

Marc en Jolanda Koggel

The area North East of Dalfsen called 'De Gerner' has a rich history of wealth, power and plundering, going all the way back to the mid 1300's. 

The current hotel 'De Barones' was built around 1930 as a private house. 

Today Marc and Jolanda Koggel are running it as a Hotel-Restaurant where you can kick back and relax after a good hike in the outstandingly beautiful surrounding forests and the area along river 'De Vecht' nearby. 

De Barones is a pick up point for my bread on the friday. 

Another pick up point is the Farm Shop at Puur Vechtdal

Puur Vechtdal

Balkerweg 36

7731 RZ Ommen

You will also find my bread being served in the following restaurants: 

De Nieuwe Keuken

Assendorperplein 9 

8012 TW Zwolle

Hotel Restaurant De Zon

Voorbrug 1 

7731 BB  Ommen